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A common meme these days is that almost all jobs are found through networking. While I think networking is very important, I believe that the best job search strategy is to use multiple "channels":

Other topics:

One of the broad themes: you want to make yourself stand out - find ways to be a bit different from everyone else. A couple of ideas:

I find it useful to create my own internet domain (if you can't get the .com you want, try a .biz or .info) - it presents you as a bit more credible and professional, and it is surprisingly simple and inexpensive - you can register a domain for about $10 a year with GoDaddy, or or an assortment of other providers. Most will allow you to set up both web and email forwarding, in my case, redirects to (the page I get for free with my Comcast account), and forwards to The other value of this is that is a bit more memorable and typable, and it can be redirected if I ever move to a new service.

I recommend creating your own personal home page (I use a family home page - if you do this, make it professional in style) - this makes you more findable. Be sure to link to it from LinkedIn, so that the search crawlers will find it. And post a copy of your resume there.

Interviewing Tips and Resources

Assorted articles on interviewing and presenting yourself from John Hadley

Pearls of wisdom from Ask the Headhunter

For a little self-confidence: 10 Rejection letters sent to famous people

Company Research Links (finding out more about a company you might want to apply to)

Miscellaneous Resources

Prospecting for potential companies

And finally, someone else with a set of useful job hunting links (who thought to link to me!) Nick Niquette
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