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Without a doubt, LinkedIn is the most valuable resource you have for networking, for finding jobs, and for being found.


Put a conscious effort into making connections now - don't wait for when you need them - and don't be shy about making connections. First, the connections you make now can lead to other connections. Second, when the time comes to use one of those connections, it's a bit obvious/gauche if you ask for a favor just after connecting to someone. (Although that's not horrible, so do it if you need to.) When you do make a connection, take a minute to write a personal note for the invitation (don't just use the boilerplate.)

You want to use those connections for:

Finding Jobs

A lot of companies are starting to post jobs on LinkedIn, and Linked In has the ability to search for those jobs.

Being found

This is unquestionably the most important value LinkedIn can deliver - a lot of companies are looking for candidates by doing Linked In searches. And even companies that aren't finding people by Linked In are checking them out on Linked In. Some tips:

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