Stan Neumann's Job Hunting Page - Being Found
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In addition to actively searching for a job, you want to set yourself up for a passive search - make sure that other people who are looking for someone like you can find you.

As noted on other pages, probably the most important thing you can do is to have a complete and effective LinkedIn profile, and make sure that you participate in Linked In groups.

Having a personal web page can give you a chance of being found on Google or Bing - remember that search engines give higher ranks to pages that have links to them, so make sure your personal page is linked to from LinkedIn, and try to find other pages that you can get to link to your page. Include a copy of your resume on your page, and any other information that would help people to find you.

Post your resume to job boards (Monster, Dice, Indeed, GlassDoor, ...) - companies really do look at those. I have been called at least once based on my resume on each of those 4. For manager-level positions, The Ladders is another site I've gotten a call from.

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